Is this open source program no longer free?

I have been asked to try to find a program to show the layouts of the models I have.
I was led to believe this was an open source program.
I am interested in trying it out.
Is it now a pay as you go open source program as I can’t see how to download it without paying?

You can download it from github and compile it from source. Personally (having done that!) I would pay the fee for the precompiled version, but the choice is yours. It is a lot of work to compile from source. If you search the forum you will find no end of discussion on the fee issue and the reasons for it …


I just finished reading the post ‘is fritzing still free’
It looks as if fritzing is setting a dangerous precedent.
GPL is free software not free so long as you pay.
I hope this is not the start of free being chargeable across the whole of the GPL world but usually if someone start something it is not long before the parasites follow.

The source code is free. Anyone can download the code from github and use it. For free.

The executable image(s) being built from that source code, and made available for use on the web site are not free. Since anyone (with the skills, tools, time) can reproduce that themselves, it still meets GPL.

Open source is just that. Open SOURCE