Is this a bug? Help please

I’m trying to wire up my circuits diagram in the schematic tab but some of the connections seems faulty. The wire will jump to the centre of the part instead of linking to the pin connection. I have included a picture for reference. Any help would be appreciated.


Looks like the part is faulty.

I don’t have those parts, so you will have to upload the sketch .fzz with the 7th button above.

Thats not as much of a bug, as it is an oops… :wink: Should be an easy fix. As old_grey stated, if you can post the .fzz of the part in question. I’m sure someone can help you get that oops fixed in swift fashion.

Or if you want to review the making parts tutorials, you can fix it yourself. The pin for that connector is just misplaced.

You can pick up a more functional version of this part from here (the original thread this part appears to have come from).

The one you have is basically incomplete which is what is causing your problems. If you do a delete minus (as opposed to delete) on your current part it should leave the routing in place and you can drag the new part in place of the old one and move the wires to make the connections again.


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Thats great, thank you!

You are welcome. Relatively easy for me to do because I have experience making parts, a lot harder for you to do and it helps anyone else that wants to use this part in future.