Is there any way to donwload fritzing for free?

I think at 2022 Februray I downloaded fritzing from this website for free. There was a buton “I have already paid.” or something like this. This is version 0.9.10 . Today I need to use fritzing again after a long of time. But I can not download 1.0.1 version for free…
Actually 8 Euro isn’t to much for someone who lives in Germany an example. But in Turkey it means 250 Turkish Liras and it is a bit hard to pay for a 15 years old child (or teen :smiley: ) I am taking 500 TL from my family and I am using that money to eat something at school to dont die :slight_smile:

I will be happy to every response possible, and if there is any grammer mistakes sorry for them.

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It’s older versions of the program but they work well and when you get the funds buy the new updated version it’s worth it if you’ll be using it often. Download Fritzing for Free and Legal (Latest 2022)

I think yes, old version can work well too :thinking: