Is there any way to donwload fritzing for free?

I think at 2022 Februray I downloaded fritzing from this website for free. There was a buton “I have already paid.” or something like this. This is version 0.9.10 . Today I need to use fritzing again after a long of time. But I can not download 1.0.1 version for free…
Actually 8 Euro isn’t to much for someone who lives in Germany an example. But in Turkey it means 250 Turkish Liras and it is a bit hard to pay for a 15 years old child (or teen :smiley: ) I am taking 500 TL from my family and I am using that money to eat something at school to dont die :slight_smile:

I will be happy to every response possible, and if there is any grammer mistakes sorry for them.

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It’s older versions of the program but they work well and when you get the funds buy the new updated version it’s worth it if you’ll be using it often. Download Fritzing for Free and Legal (Latest 2022)

I think yes, old version can work well too :thinking:

I would disagree. All Fritzing versions prior to 1.0.1 (the current latest version) are subject to the (fairly rare) routing database bug which can corrupt sketches and require you to start over. That bug is believed mostly fixed in 1.0.1 and thus 1.0.1 is a preferable alternative to any earlier versions (and a tribute to the donations funding development .which was not occurring …)


So I need to buy, is there any alternative ? Or can’t I donate less than 8 Euro, maybe 5 ? Believe me it’s too much for me :upside_down_face: 3 Euro can create a big change.

You can build it from source (which is nowhere near easy!) although I don’t think the github source repo has been updated to 1.0.1 yet. That and the donation (which is the better option in my view) are the only two choices I know of.


Thank you very much for your help brother.

The repository is updated (source code of Fritzing 1.0.1)

Ah! I’m happy to be out of date! Thanks for correcting me.


There is an old instruction set for Linux and Windows (there are a bunch of changes such as QT6 and nspice required for the 1.0.1 version which are not here!) available in the forums here (this was done long before development restarted and refers to version 0.9.3b which was the latest available version for 5 or 6 years):

AFAIK no one has updated this for newer versions and I haven’t built from source for some years now (I pay the donation and download a precompiled version!) It took me around a year to figure out how to successfully build on Windows (gitlib was hard to compile on Windows, all the online suggestions were broken!), I have never figured out how to debug on Windows (I use gdb on linux for debugging!) I expect you will have similar problems with the latest versions, plus it only appears to support 64bit processors (0.9.10 is listed as the last 32bit compatible version possibly because of QT6, the Win32 versions of QT had been broken for a year or more the last time I tried a 32bit version 3 or 4 years ago.) The only bright spot is that there now are people that can successfully build from source (there weren’t any that I could find when I was trying this 5 or 6 years ago!) who may (or may not :slight_smile: ) be willing to make suggestions when you run in to problems. The developers know how to do it but are generally busy with developing and thus don’t tend to answer questions, correctly (in my view anyway) figuring if you can’t figure it out for yourself you should pay the donation and get the precompiled version which as noted is the best bet anyway, the greatest good for the greatest number in action, which in a funding limited environment is really the only way it will work! That model is the only thing that has restarted development (I know, because I tried to get development restarted for 5 years with zero success!) and I fully support it.


How can you tell? I can see some commits dating back to oct’23 with 1.0.2 and 1.0.2b on their labels on the develop branch, but nothing that really indicates any versioning, also the version badge indicator on the .md file is written as just unknown

I develop the simulator (by the wat, transitory analysis coming soon) and I follow the development of Fritzing closely. The latest source code in the repository is 1.0.2.

When you compile it, you can see the version at start up and the new features of 1.0.2 in the program.

But yes, version tags are missing (and that’s is out my control)