Is there a way how fritzing recognises a line or row of connected pins on breadboards and other parts?

Hello. This is a question about how Fritzing itself works.

When I chose a breadboard and click on pins in the breadboard view, the line or row of pins connected to this pin light up yellow.
How does Fritzing determine which pins belong together? Does it work based on the pin’s id? And how does Fritzing know if pin-lines on the outside of the breadboard that I am using are connected in the middle (like those on the lower breadboard on the pictures) or not (like those on the upper breadboard).

Does it have to do with the size property? (I had a look at the Code, but i must admit that I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of cpp-code because I am not familiar with the language and there are very few comments. I am not even sure where to search for a functionality (?) like that.

Groups of connected pins are created as “bus” entries in the .fzp part definition.

Ah. Thank you very much!