Is it possobile to make a part that can have daughter boards attached

I have an Arduino Shield that can hold small sensor modules on it. Is there a way to make a the board have sockets like the breadboard that I can attach separate modules to? Or should I just build the part as the whole thing though with 4 sensor slots it would only be spectacle to make my configuration of it as the combinations would be enormous.

The Arduino Tentacle Shield is what I have made without the sensor modules.

The Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue are the sensor modules.

Also is there a way to make a movable jumper or a part setting to make a jumper in a different position.

I realize what I’m asking may be way beyond what it is capable of but wanted to check to be sure.



While I’m not entirely clear on what you want to achieve, this experiment which creates a coax power plug that “connects” to a socket in breadboard (by dragging one over the other) may do what you need or at least gives you a starting point for what may be possible.


I just realized I did a general reply, so you won’t have been notified there is an answer to your question …


Thanks a lot, I will take a look at it.