Is it possible to create a "playback"?

This is probably an odd question, but I’ll ask anyway…

I’m working on a breadboard project that has a lot of connections. I’m finding it useful to start a new Fritzing sketch, put down 1 part (or make 1 new connection), and then I’ll save that as a new file and export a PNG. Then I’ll lay down the next connection, save it as a new file and export a new PNG. And I repeat this process until all of the connections are made. This allows me to flip through the images 1 by 1 so that I essentially have an animation showing my circuit being built.

Here is a short video clip showing how I’m using this.

It’s pretty great … until I find there’s a mistake somewhere in the middle of my slides. When there’s a mistake, I have to fix the sketch that has the mistake, and then fix all subsequent sketches.

So I’m wondering if there is a way for me to store these step-by-step changes in a single file so that if I need to make a change, I can “rewind” to the point where the change needs to be made, make the change, and then it will propagate forward. Is there any such option?