Is it okay to print text or image on top layer wire?

Greetings everyone.

I want to print text or image on top layer wire like below picture :

text on top layer

is it possible to do that?

will there be no collision between wire and text…?

I’m always appreciate for this forum’s help.

Yes, in pcb view drag the text icon in to the sketch, then in inspector change the text to what you want. The text will appear on the top (or bottom if you change sides of the board) in the silkscreen layer and will not interfere with the copper traces.

When exported as gerbers and displayed in gerbv we see the silkscreen layer is separate (and will be on top of) the copper layer.


Thank you for your reply.

but how about text layer on the hole or under part?

is it okay too?

It is ok in the sense it won’t hurt anything. The silkscreen is printed on the board after the copper is etched. It the text is over a hole, the ink won’t stick in the hole and thus won’t appear. If it is under a part, then it probably won’t be visible when the part is installed (but that may not matter if what you want is to tell where to place the part.)