Is Fritzing still being developed?

It’s been a year since the last release, and I was just wondering if Fritzing is still being actively developed or not?


As fritzing is a community biased project. fritzing is still being actively developed. We do rely on community contributions, So progress towards fritzings next release is based on such. As for fritzings next release date, that has yet to be determined.

So in short to answer your question, YES, Fritzing is still in active development.

Yes, indeed! Though obviously not as intensely as in the past, which is why contributions are more welcome than ever.
The next release is almost ready, just waiting for a few finishing touches!

Are there things that can be done by people who don’t have coding skills to support the development? (eventually to educate themselves a bit on the inner works of the application)
Not sure if this is a lot of extra work, but it might be nice to see a development snapshot every once in a wile, this way we could betatest new features and fixed bugfixes to see if they are really fixed. (This should of course not increase the workload) And it would create a nice visual way to show that the project is still very active developed. A rolling release cycle may even be better. Twice a year or so? A bit like Ubuntu’s seasonal April and October releases. Even if there isn’t a very intense development a rolling release gives users a better sense of progress, and also something to get exited about… :slight_smile:
Look at Ubuntu again, In a few days it turns16.04 and the community is buzzing. It all adds to the marketing, creates curiosity draws in new people who want to see what it is all about. etc.

If this all is possible within the budget… I have no idea how that influences things. On the other hand the above suggestions could save on marketing costs so that may make it a break even situation.

Though keep it simple!!!

I agree with @uaneme. Has there been any consideration in providing CI nightly / incremental builds in addition to the normal release stream? I’m confident that a ton of bugs have been squashed in the last year. I am dying to get my hands on an updated build. There are a bunch of minor issues that collectively prevent me from being able to complete a project end-to-end.

Actually, I take some of that back. I just fired it up and saw that there was a newer version! Thanks, guys! :slight_smile: