IR Receiver, Remote Control

I’m following-up a previous Topic with a Concise posting (with Example and Code… in Fritzing)

Using IR receiver 1838 an Panasonic Cd Player’s Remote (but, most any IR-based remote will work along with most any IR receiver (just be sure to Hook it up correctly per Specification).

This simple code uses one of the Atmel chip timers to Generate a Square-Wave @ 38.4kHz.
That enables paring with output from remote. The timer’s implementation is well-known and often used.

The image shows a capture on O’Scoope with decoding info of the Number ‘5’ button pressed.
This stuff can be confusing to Newbies but, a small amount of homework = knowledge!

Code is included… It should be on the Code tab in the attached .fzz file but, it’s also added at end of this post…

forU.fzz (6.4 KB)

The Code:

/* Reads IR recvier on Analog Pin
Uses “38.4kHz_Timer and IR_Analog_Tester codes; Combined into this single code”
Reads Sony/similar Remote Control
Wave form will be seen on pin D3
Pulse received from Remote Control will be seen on A0

Feb 5, 2019 Rev -0-


int IR_recvrPin = A0; // IR signal input (can also see this Pin on O’scope)
int IR_recvrInput = 0; // variable to store the Input coming from the IR_recvr

volatile byte pulse = 0;

void setup() {

TIMSK2 = _BV(OCIE2B); // Output Compare Match B Interrupt Enable

}//end setup

void loop() {
IR_recvrInput = analogRead(IR_recvrPin) * 5 / 1023;

Serial.print(IR_recvrInput, BIN); // useless info
Serial.println(IR_recvrPin, BIN); // useless info
}//end loop

//================================ SUB’s and ISR, Timer… =========================
ISR(TIMER2_COMPB_vect) { // Interrupt Service Routine to pulse the modulated pin 3
if (pulse >= 8) { // change number for number of modulation cycles in a pulse
pulse = 0;
TCCR2A ^= _BV(COM2B1); // toggle pin 3 enable, turning the pin on and off

void setIrModOutput() { // sets pin 3 going at the IR modulation rate
pinMode(3, OUTPUT); // outputs the Frequency wave
TCCR2A = _BV(COM2B1) | _BV(WGM21) | _BV(WGM20); // Just enable output on Pin 3 and disable it on Pin 11
TCCR2B = _BV(WGM22) | _BV(CS22);
OCR2A = 51; // defines the frequency 51 = 38.4 KHz, 54 = 36.2 KHz, 58 = 34 KHz, 62 = 32 KHz
OCR2B = 26; // deines the duty cycle - Half the OCR2A value for 50%
TCCR2B = TCCR2B & 0b00111000 | 0x2; // select a prescale value of 8:1 of the system clock