Ip address of raspberry pi 4b

Trying to run a python script on a virtual raspberry pi 4b in fritzing. I understand that the fritzing IDE cant do this natively so I have to run the script ouside of fritzing using the command “ssh pi@<ip_address>” where ip_address is the addres of the virtual raspberry pi 4b in fritzing. How do I find this address?

There isn’t a simulation of the 4B only a part with physical connections so it has no IP address (and no connections to the ethernet.) so I expect this isn’t going to work.


Is there a simulation of any other virtual raspberry pi board that would have an ip address?
Or, is Arduino the only option for loading a script (sketch) through the native fritzing IDE?

The Arduino IDE (and thus blue pills and ESP32s) and the PICAXE are the only two currently supported. It is possible to add others but no one has done so in many years (before 2016 at least!) I’m note sure if ssh is available to the interface code as well (the two current ones are both serial.)