Interrupteur à levier 2 bornes

Vue Platine d’essai (Breadboard view)
Vue Schématique (Schematic view)
Vue Circuit imprimé (PCB view)
Interrupteur_a_levier-2_pins.fzpz (10.6 KB)

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Your part has a number of problems. One of them is the view boxes are wrong. To fix that (assuming you are using Inkscape) all to select the entire image then file->document properties->Resize page to drawing which will adjust the view box. After that:


moved connector and associated pin to .1 spacing so it fits breadboard properly.

increased font size of the ON and OFF text so they are readable in breadboard.


added missing schematic layerid

added a switch between the pins

changed the spaceing to .1 in


added layer silkscreen and copper1 (both missing)

and changed the path which were the two pads to circles with .038 holes (which may be the wrong size) at the center of the original pads (you would need to check both hole size and positioning of these holes). This is a new part so you can load it along side your current version to see the changes.

Interrupteur à levier - 2 pins_fixed.fzpz (8.5 KB)


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