Installing AppImage for Fritzing 1.0.2

Do not know if this is the right place to ask an installing software question so moderator feel free to move it to the right thread.
I want to download (and pay for) the latest fritzing software but hesitate to do so because:

  1. I am running a linux O.S. other than Ubuntu : PCLinuxOS.
  2. Extra software must be downloaded and installed : libfuse2 but I do not know if all linux O.S. systems have to use this or just Ubuntu.
    When I hoovering over “apt install libfuse2” with my mouse I notice that that link is dead.
    Can somebody please give me some more info about this?
    Thanks in advance. Joe.


FUSE is a requirement for AppImages (more technical details here: FUSE · AppImage/AppImageKit Wiki · GitHub).

However, if you can’t install FUSE, you can start it using the --appimage-extract-and-run parameter. For the current version 1.0.2, this would look like this:

./fritzing-1.0.2-l1901-dbdbe34c-qt6.AppImage --appimage-extract-and-run

Alternatively, you can extract the AppImage using:

./fritzing-1.0.2-l1901-dbdbe34c-qt6.AppImage --appimage-extract

and then run the start script in the generated squashfs-root folder:

cd squashfs-root

I haven’t tested this with PCLinuxOS, but in theory it should work.