Installer for windows

I want to be able to click in start and launch this tool not dig trough my D Drive to find it
also installing makes posible to open projects using explorer

This is already in the roadmap.

And there is an issue about the association of the files:

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glad to hear i culd make one(have used NSIS before) altho i dont know how to script it for other operating systems and/or embed it inside the build process

Assuming Windows here (as seems likely), make a shortcut to Fritzing on the desktop or pin Fritzing.exe to the start menu. Click on a .fzz file, select open and set Fritzing as the package to always open it with. Then clicking on a .fzz file in Explorer will start Fritizng and load it. Do the same with a .fzpz (part file) and possibly .fzb files (bin files.) I believe even installers in Win10 are no longer allowed to associate files with applications (although I could be wrong.) Firefox launches a window to the settings->set program page in windows for the user to manually set the association which is I believe is what Windows requires now, from what I read programs have been blocked from doing it themselves.


not if there actually installed using for example NSIS as extensions can be still assigned :wink: