Install problems on Ubuntu 16.10

Hi all,
I have downloaded and installed the latest version of fritzing, but when I start the application, a window appears and says: “Sorry wir haben noch ein Problem mit den Eigenschaften […]”.
Then the next error message appears: “Die Datei /home//bins/core.fzb konnte nicht gelesen werden”

I have no directory “~/bins” and no file core.fzb on my disk. Maybe a failure of the installer (AppGrid)?

While I don’t know what an AppGrid is (presumably a package manager), it is the likely culprit. I downloaded the zip file from

and installed it (along with the source libraries from github) on 16.04LTS
without issue (the source is a little more difficult).


When you say installed what do you mean? I don’t really remember installing anything just unzipping and chmod +x the fritzing file. Maybe I did run the install_fritzing file but I don’t remember.

As I recall just what you described, unzip the archive chmod +x the fritzing file and run it. I basically followed the install instructions on the download page without problems. That said however the machine I did it on is dedicated to Frtizing development so I wasn’t worried about what the package manager thought about it which the OP may be.