Inserting Images into Breadboard View

Hi, I’m trying to make schematics for my AP Physics 2 students to follow during labs. I am unable to find parts that are digital multimeters, and so would like to insert images onto the breadboard view. Can this be done, and if so, how?

Assuming isn’t what you want, yes it can be done by creating an svg file of the multimeter you want and create a new part. I’m currently struggling with making a simple panel voltmeter and, for me at least it isn’t easy, but it is possible (and the folks here in the forum are very helpful!). There are a lot of parts around that aren’t in the core parts list so google is your friend.

Peter Van Epp

If you can find a really good pic of a multimeter you can convert it to a svg for BB view with not much effort. Then just some boxes for the other views because you probably won’t need them.
This is a pic from the web where I converted it, scaled it, and added some connections.

Thanks. Tried the converting and everything always turned black. Hardly recognizable.

Thank you very much. Downloaded the library and it works great.

Yeah, you have to muck around with the options in Ink, and even then it is a bit hit and miss with the preview because Ink seams a bit flaky. I had to do it a couple of times before I got it to work.