INMP441 I2S Microphone

This is a simple rendition of the INMP441 i2s MEMS microphone. I needed it for a project but could not find the part anywhere so I created it and I decided to share it. The part is available here:

If there are any issues with the part, please let me know, or create a pull request.

I ran that part through FritzingCheckPart. Here is a summary of what it reported, with added notes from my visual inspection of the part file and result in Fritzing.

The URL in the part should probably point to datasheet for the breakout board that this the part is based on. Not the github repository for the part definition.

The convention is to use black graphics for pcb silkscreen. Your pcb has that specified as the short form hex color “#fff”. Fritzing wants the longer “#ffffff”. It automatically converts anything that is not recognized as black (and so does the FritzingPartsCheck tool), but for future reference don’t use the short color references.

The connector_terminal elements in the schematic svg have been created as group (“g”) elements. They need to be graphical elements, typically a small rectangle, with ‘real’ (not zero) both x and y dimensions. Fritzing does not see the terminal element, so wires in the schematic view connect (snap) to the middle of the connector_pin element instead.

The connector numbers in the definition (fzp file) should start at zero and increment from there. (0 through 5 instead of 10 through 16).

The existing terminal numbers in the schematic svg are 0 through 5, but the definition points to 10 through 15, so that is another reason they will not do what is intended.

@microMerlin, thank you for taking the time to review the part. It is greatly appreciated. I do not make parts regularly enough to commit the intricacies of the parts editor to memory. Plus there are a lot of issues with illustrator/fritzing etc that are a headache.

Regarding your comments:

  1. I have changed the URL to point at the sensor datasheet.

  2. Illustrator changed black #000000 to #1d1d1b for some reason so I manually edited that to be black.

  3. The schematic SVG is take directly from Fritzing’s IC part. I created a custom IC with the right label and Pin labels, then exported the SVG. Regarding the connector points, I did not select the snap point when assigning the connector to the graphic. So I have done this.

  4. I have removed all of the connectors and recreated them so they now run 1-6 (there doesn’t seem to be an option to have 0 based index. the first element created is connector1).

I have pushed the changes to GitHub so that the link above remains valid to those coming later.

There are still some bogus connector terminal elements in the schematic svg. Left over from before. They are not being referenced, so they do not affect the functionality. The new version of the part should work fine.