Incorperating Github Fritzing Parts into Fritzing

After downloading and saving the Fritzing Parts from Github to my computer, how can I incorperate them into the Fritzing program?

If they are a .fzpz part you right-click in My Parts and import.

There are many parts and the parts are all fzb

I remember importing a library a long time ago but can’t remember how.


Sorry for wrong info I sent. The downloaded parts are not fzb nor are they fzpz parts.
They are all fzp parts.

If I import all the downloaded fzp parts into Fritzing it will probably over write all the original parts that came with Fritzing.
If they import and work it’s great, but I am concerned that if they don’t work how will I recover from the mess?
I will then have to reload Fritzing again from scratch.

Has anyone in the Fritzing usergroup updated their parts in Fritzing successfully?. If so, How?

The .fzp is just the xml for the parts. To make it work you would need the breadboard, schematic, and pcb.svg’s and either load them in manually or create a .fzpz, which is just a zip file.

Yeah, what he said. You can get that .fzp file, change the extension to xml, and open it with Wordpad, and you will see it’s just xml code with no svg(pics).

Where are these downloads

I believe the .svg files are there too… you just need to download them one at a time… and then put the all together. :relaxed:

Ahh. That’s why I was asking were the downloads are.

I think the right question here is what are you trying to download from github? It sounds to me (perhaps incorrectly) that you are trying to download the standard core library. If that is the case as far as I know you don’t need to, as fritz will automatically check for updates when it starts as long as you have network connectivity.

Peter Van Epp.

I read somewhere that all the Fritzing parts including any new parts are all now stored in Github.
As I required a part which was not in the Fritzing parts I decided to join Github to have access to all the parts and downloaded the entire Fritzing parts library stored there. (All are .fzp)
As I do not know how to incorporate them into the standard Fritzing program’s parts I have not used any.
From your email it seems that it is not necessary as Fritzing updates the library automatically.

Well the answer is yes and no :slight_smile: parts that have been accepted into Fritzing are in the core library and will update in to your machine automatically. Parts that are either waiting to be approved and installed are often on github but won’t yet automatically download and some folks have parts on github and haven’t requested they be included. For those parts you can down load them to your machine and then import them with file->open. When imported they will appear in the mine area of the parts window but are stored in your space and thus won’t overwrite the core parts.
As well there is the parts submit portion of the forums here which also have parts you can download, but from the question I expect the part you want is on github so you need to download it from there and then import it. Note some of the contributed parts are in forks off the official repository, for them you have to select the appropriate fork on github and download from there. I mention this because I wanted such a part and it took me a while to understand that I was trying to load the official repository (which was pointless because I already had it) and needed in fact to navigate to the forks in the top of the tool bar to the correct user’s fork of the main repository. At that point I could download and import only his new parts not the entire
repository as I had been trying to do :slight_smile:

Peter Van Epp