inconvenient when placing precise parts.

I’m connecting the wires to precision pins spaced 0.2mm apart.
It’s hard for me to pick exactly which pin I want.
Grid size is 0.05mm.
Is there any good way?


While I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking, one suggestion is to start at the finest connection (in this case the IC most likely) as the other end of the connection will snap to the grid and sometimes gets it wrong on finely spaced pins. Here is an example of what I mean.

This is an exar xr10910 chip (which is about the smallest spacing I have made) and a 1.27mm header. I start out on the pin on the IC and drag it to the pin on the header (which is more widely spaced.) That unfortunately is about as good as it gets. Fritzing isn’t really designed for very fine pitch operations so trying to go the other way (from the wider pitch part to the narrower) often has problems jumping to the wrong pin which may be what you are seeing.

the yellow highlights in your second image are showing the netlist connections on the connection and I don’t know of a way to make them smaller if that is what you need to do (I doubt it has come up before!)

It may be worth making an enhancement request on github to reduce the size of the highlight to the size of the pad which may cure the problem (and may be easy enough to do that it would be considered.) I expect the highlighting was set for 0.1in spaced parts and has never changed as parts got smaller.


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Hello. Thank you for your detailed answer.
You have accurately identified the problem I think.
I guess we should ask github to add an option to reduce highlight size.