Including Fritzing in Ubuntu Make

Hi all,

Ubuntu Make is a cli tool which allows users to simply install a variety of development tools direct from the main suppliers rather than having to use the version from the Ubuntu/Debian archive. For example, the version in the archive is 0.8.5b.

Ubuntu Make can download the binary from your site, compare the md5 sum to one provided by you to assure the download is correct, and then install it and take care of putting the .desktop file in the right place.

You can read more about Make here:

Make also has a significant number of tests which can allow us to spot potential problems very quickly and get them fixed.

To be clear, we wouldn’t be hosting your binaries, the user would run the Make tool would download the binaries directly from you. If you can also provide an MD5 sum we will check against that before installing.

As a user of Fritzing, I’d love to see it be available via Ubuntu Make.

If you are happy for us to proceed please let me know.

Thanks for making Fritzing!

Cheers, Will

Hi Will,

This would be truly great! We looked at the Ubuntu app store once, but couldn’t really figure out the process.
If there’s an automated/curated management, we’d be happy to get included.

What exactly would we need to provide to make this happen? There’s already a fritzing.desktop file, and md5 is optional you say (though we could add that. Anything else we need to do?


We just need your blessing to include it and we can write the integration in to Make.

Ideally, you would also be able to provide:

  • MD5s
  • enabling HTTPS on your download page
  • A virtual link to the latest version. For example “/downloads/latest” would point to the newest version.

But I think we can manage without those for now.

Cool, blessings you have!
MD5 and link to the latest download should be possible, https probably not too soon.
We’ll let you know when there is progress.


Great stuff, we’ll get on this!

Actually, there is a PPA on launchpad which you can use to install the most up-to-date version of fritzing by including “ppa:ehbello/fritzing” in your system’s repository sources.