INA226 (blue version 0R100ohm)


I would like if it is possible to add this INA226 version.
Thank you for your time.

The dimensions of the ina226 blue version are:

The hole distance of the 8pins is standard 2.54, I think.

The two largest outer holes are only for support they are not connected 3.25mm in diameter.

The two largest holes located in the center are for IN+ and IN- measuring 2.77mm in diameter

On the back 3 pads "A1,vcc,A0"to configure the addesable direction I think up to 4 configurable that way.

INA226-.jpg (640×311) (

How to use INA226 DC Current Sensor with Arduino (

This part should do what you want. Note the address select pins are only in breadboard and schematic not on pcb and the mounting holes are only on silkscreen (not drilled by default, if you want them drag a hole over them in the sketch in pcb.)

ina226-module.fzpz (7.8 KB)


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