In need of micro USB

I’m having difficulty finding a micro USB part (just like the power connection on a Raspberry Pi) in the Fritzing library. Does one exist?

Type in usb-ab in the search box.

Did you order you board?

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Thanks… that found the exact part I was in need.

I did order my board. I believe its due to arrive around mid-August. While I’m waiting for its arrival, I’ve started my next project. My next part problem is I’m in need of a 1x2 or 1x4 header (same style header as the GPIO). I’ve only been able to find a 1x16 THT from Sparkfun. All of the other variants of this part or SMT.

That would be under the Core Parts under Connections, the first one on the list (Female generic header - 2 pin). From there you can select the number of pins, male or female, etc.

MANY thanks Steve… everyday is an opportunity to learn something new in Fritzing :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know if the default size of the holes are the same for a standard header?

Yes, the same as the standard 0.1" (2.54mm) headers strips.

I still learn something new in Fritzing everyday…

I would appreciate if you would review my current setting for the header pins:

Pin spacing: 0.1"
Medium (1mm)
Hole size: 1mm, ring thickness 0.508mm

Works for me, that is what I use (default settings). I think you found a new hobby… making pcb projects can get addicting…

“can get addicting”??? I think we both know I’m well beyond that point… My only hope is to keep it a secret from work and wife :slight_smile:

Since you keep responding to my post (grin)… here’s a few more questions:

  • I’m using the Micro USB part you suggested. Any mounting issues I need to take into consideration (I’ve seen some post about needing to support the connector so it doesn’t break off the PCB)? There’s no part # in the part data. How do I know which part to order from Sparkfun?

  • I need to switch on/off the 5VDC power source to the RPi. I found a solid state relay (g3vm-61e1) in the parts library but do not have any experience with switching power with this type of part. Nor does the part provide any info on the function of each pin. Would appreciate any guidance you might have.

Just Google the datasheet for that part #’

Been there; done that :slight_smile:

On page 2, it shows 3 different ways (A, B and C) to connect to the pins. Problem is I don’t understand any of the three options.

My wife and I were watching the Great British Baking Show… She said she needs to learn how to bake like that… I absolutely agree with her ###

Amazon has this small five star electronic book, called “Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition”, only 1052 pages. Read this book and you will understand it perfectly…

What are you going to use the trigger this switch? The load is the RPi but what is the source?

I’m building a circuit whereby a button will be used (when pressed) to power down the RPi. I’m looking to use one of the Arduino boards to monitor the button; switch a GPIO pin (to have the RPi start the shutdown) and switch off power to the RPi.

I would use an NPN MOSFIT with a logic level gate, then you don’t need a transistor to operate it. Something like this: , this one has a Vgs of 2v and will connect direct from your GPIO.

Thanks… let me check out the data sheet… I assume this part is in the Fritzing library :smile:

Ok… I think I found the part in the library. Does this match the part you recommended?

Do you want surface mount or through hole?