Impossible to install Fritzing: message missing git2.dll

I have downloaded Fritzing on my computer equiped with Windows7 . When I double clic on Fritzing.exe I have the message “Impossible to start because git2.dll is missing”.
git2.dll is in the same directory than Fritzing.exe; I see it on my navigator.
I suppose I made something wrong but what?
Does anybody can help me?
Thank you mutch.

I am trying to install Fritzing but my computer says that git2.dll is missing

From searching around, I see there could be a problem depending on where you are on 32 bit or 64 bit versions. Meaning, the wrong version of Fritzing was installed for the computers architect.

You are using Windows 7, but which one? 32 or 64? Was just a thought from what I could find on the Internet.

Hi everyone,
I just download Fritzing and try to install it on 2 PC running W7 - 64 bits.
I made individual download on each computer and get always the same error message when I want to start Fritzing.
A dll is missing.
First time it was git2.dll and this time it’s api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll ???

Can someone help ?
Thanks in advance.


Did you try this ? I don’t use Windows so I’ve never had this error. Also give Google a crack.

May or may not be the solution but similar symptons if the Norton popups are missed as below.

Downloaded 0.9.3b and found Norton Insight was quarantining files from time to time.
First time was when I copied the unzipped files to a thumb drive to copy to my laptop, Fritzing.exe went missing.( It was taking so long I had ducked out for a cuppa and hadn’t seen the Norton popup.)
When I went looking for the missing file with my thumb drive plugged back in I noticed the popup and Qt5core.dll was being pilfered. After restoring those git2.dll went the same way!
So I disabled Insight while restoring to the thumb drive.
(As the laptop is not internet connected etc I am trusting these files are ok!)

After restoring the missing files above, went to run Fritzing.exe and received the message -
api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll missing.

Google led me to a Microsoft knowledgebase article
explaining the problem and how to update or download the file. I am using Vista SP1 and of course Service Pack 2 SP2 is required for the update. But I will try it first I think to see whether I can get away with not installing SP2.
Everything else had been fine so if I don’ t need SP2 I would rather not put it on. (If it aint broke etc)
Will let you know if this fixes the problem.

OK had to install Vista SP2 and then update for Knowledgebase article 2999226
This installed the missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file
Everything seems to run ok now. I think I should put this in the Bugs forum as the file needs to be included in the install package.

Good to see you got it to work. I can’t believe someone is still using Vista!

Thanks for advices.
I’ve installed it once again on my private PC (W7-64) and now it’s working.
Don’t understand… but happy.

I’m learning Fritzing now. Very interesting SW.:sunglasses: