Importing Illustrator graphic and filling with copper + Vias

Hello all,

I have an Adobe Illustrator graphic I’ve created which is made up of several different circles and thick lines with space between each. I would like to import this graphic into Fritzing and fill all of the shapes with copper and also use very small vias to connect them each separately to the component side of my board. Is this possible?


You don’t say which view, nor the specifics, but there is stuff at the bottom of CORE parts bin to add graphics.

Hey Old Grey,
Since I’m a total beginner I don’t know what other specifics you would need to help me along to merge tiny vias to a copper graphic :slight_smile: Could you expand on what you mean by the view mode? I’m guessing you mean breadboard/schematic/pcb views? but also guessing that’s not what you mean since pcb view would be the only view mode to address a copper fill?? Ha! Thanks for your help.

Yes it is possible… First, in your drawing, anything that is in color will be copper. You could just make the drawing in black and no fill. Save it as a SVG file. In FZ core parts at the bottom, where the section is listed as PCB View, drag the Silkscreen Image on to the board. (it will be a FZ logo). In the Properties section of the Inspector, click “load image file”, and select you the graphics you just created (your image will replace the FZ logo). In the Inspector click on the combobox by PCB layer and select “copper top” and your silkscreen logo will be moved to the top copper layer turn to copper. In the PCB View drag the via on the your board and place it your logo. Note: If the board fabricated by a fab house then the logo will be covered with solder mask.

Thanks Steelgoose,
Excellent explination and it worked like a charm!