Importing Files

everytime i try to open or import an fzpz file (specifically all 3 of the RPI Pico boards) I get an error the program cant open or find a file thats located somewhere else completely with a name like picoW then a ton of numbers with the file extension fzp.

Just paid for the software and already unimpressed. Something so simple just throwing errors?

SInce you say that is a brand new install, the likely problem is that the install did not actually finish properly. Either files missing, or no access to where they ended up. Since the actual error file looks like a piece of the part (an fzpz file is actually a zip archive containing .fzp and .svg files), it could also be that the app does not have access to create a new file in the location it specified. Opening a .fzpz file unpacks those contents to the local fritzing ‘library’ area, where they will be found by the normal part searches.