Import a TIF on silklayer

Hi, I/m using version 0.9.9 and I don’t see a new imported TIF image when using the Silk Screen Image. Is this broken?

Doing a search for “silkscreen image” in the forum search bar will pull up previous discussion on this topic.


I’ve searched as you wished but no answers found.
In version 0.9.6 I could import and place some icons/images on a pcb.
I used .tif files for years without issues.

In version 0.9.9 (on macOS) this isn’t working anymore because imported imagefiles are complete black.

This post (and others by @opera_night) may provide some guidance. I’m not particularly expert at loading images @opera_night has the most expertise. There are issues in image loading (I don’t know if there are issues open on github about it though.)

edit: a look on github indicates this particular bug doesn’t appear to be reported. You may want to create one with an example image that will load in 0.9.6 but not on 0.9.9 on

which is the official bug repository.

(you will need a github account to start an issue I believe)


It might be important to include an actuall tif image that doesn’t work, as the format has many different features. This might have an influence wether the image can be loaded in Fritzing or not.

( ofcourse remove the .fzz extension )

Done with issue id: #3892