I'm looking for some help on how to connect a button or toggle switch


I’m new to using Arduino my Arduino is an Arduino R3 I want to wire a push Button or a spring loaded center off toggle switch to a breadboard kit i had purchase i want to move a servo horn from position A to position B and back to position A when the button or toggle switch is activated looking for some help with this thanks in advance.

A google search for “arduino move a servo by push button toggle” turns up a variety of tutorials. Here we can help you wire the push button to a breadboard using Fritizng, but for software the Arduino forums (and/or google) are likely a better bet.


Your statement makes no sense to me, this is the reason why i signed up with this forum is to know how to wire it up why don’t you post a picture showing how to wire it up?

OK, here is a Fritzing sketch of an Arduino a servo and a switch. Which is all that Fritzing will do for you (and which you could do for yourself.) To make it work you now need to write and load the software that will do what you want which is where the Arduino forum and/or google search come in.

pb-servo.fzz (7.6 KB)

Download the .fzz file, use File->open pb-servo.fzz to open it and you have your picture (which will do nothing until you load software to do the task in to the Arduino, for which you likely need the Arduino forums.) If you dislike the input selections use Fritzing to change the I/O pins. All the parts are in core parts.