Im looking for ESP32-S3 N16R8

i already look into forum, no chance, thanks in advance !

It isn’t clear to me which of these two boards you want. The ESP32-S3 N16R8 appears to be the module name not the board. It appears to me (from the module datasheet) that you want the larger of the two boards (circled in green here since that appears to match the datasheet for the ESP32-S3 N16R8) but that isn’t clear at all. So I would need to know which board that you want to do anything.



the green one im looking for, thanks in advance !!!

This part should do what you want.

ESP32-S3-WROOM-1-N16R8-dev-board.fzpz (26.3 KB)


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Super thanks !!! its just what i need