If you are Unable to open the fritzing application, then do this

Hello, everyone ! If you are unable to run the application after extracting the files from the zip files kindly switch off your VIRUS protection OFF and also keep the anti-keylogger OFFfrom your install antivirus. When you close the application switch ON all the protection. But, REMEMBER if you are going to start the application always ensure that the anti-keylogger is OFF. Then only you are able to open the application. I hope, this will help you!
Thank You

That does not seem like either a needed or acceptable process. Others are running Fritzting with out that. If you need to do that, blame the SPECIFIC Antivirus application you are using.

This is NOT a generally needed process.

This happen a few times to other people - I think 2 - when 0.9.3 was just released.

I strongly suspect that the issue is very environment configuration specific. I can’t tell without being there (a description would be unlikely to be sufficient to replicate it), that even if the proposed solution works, there are much better ways to get the same result. Possibly telling the antivirus program that Fritzing has a bit more permissions, but even that should not be needed.

I think it was blocking files during the download.

Which means it needs the same kind of permissions as a web browser. Which does not need antivirus shut off.

The problem is that the AV pulled the files automatically during download and never asks for permission, so you never know it happens, and since normal programs don’t have files pulled in DL no one ever looks at the AV. The way they found the problems back with 0.9.3 was that someone posted the file list and the guy noticed some files were missing, but even then he only discovered it was the AV when he got the DL from someone else and the files were still missing.

Because I haven’t heard of this problem for 4 years I suspect it’s only one brand of AV, so the logical question is which one was this poster using.

Which was why my initial comment said