If no foot prints in library available...just plot your own

There could be times when the exact part needed isn’t in the library yet. Many thanks to those who have contributed their time to expand the library… but when the need arises for a custom part, it’s very easy to size and add vias (through hole) or copper pads (surface mount) in the proper locations.

To do this, user needs dimensional locations of item’s connection points. Drag vias (through hole) or copper pads (surface mount) to the PCB, then use the x and y entrees in the Part Inspector box lower right corner of PCB view to accurately locate the connection points.

The designer must know the hole diameters of a through hole part, then add desired amount of ring thickness. If surface mount, then size and spacing of pads is important- again using the Part Inspector to locate with X & Y coordinates.

This method requires awareness of X & Y axis (cartesian system)- but is not hard to become familiar with. I know Peter has recommended this method for similar situations, but thought I’d bring it up again since it’s been couple years from his last instructions.

Hope this helps,

With the warning that you are completely on your own for getting the right traces to those vias and pads. Fritzing will not know what connector is associated with those elements, so will not draw any ratsnest wires as hints based on what exists in the other views. As long as you are comfortable with that, manually create footprints work find.