Idea about making the dev work easier

Hello. In reference to one of the posts in with is wrotten that the code is too complex to ralay on volunteers, I had come up with an idea of how to make the development much easier.

My idea is following: seperate the code into smaller functional blocks, where there would be a main block with the program interface and the rest of functionality would be attached as separate modules.

This way, the code would become less complex (there would be less code to work with in one time), with would increase much the development (more people could work at each part). This also could reduce the costs.

Come back and post when you have understood the code enough to do the work you are suggesting and have a working example. I won’t be holding my breath (I tried for close to 5 years to restart development with zero success and have made changes to the source code that have been accepted.) Suggestions are cheap, actually doing useful work is what is required, and other than a small handful of us that do contribute source changes, is rare. Hasn’t changed in the 7 or 8 years I have been involved, and is no evidence that it will anytime soon. That is why the current development model (which is working, since there have been steady releases with bug fixes over the last few years after 5 years with no development and no releases) was adopted as the only way forward. Feel free to demonstrate an alternative, I’m sure we would all like to see it (emphasis on the demonstrate, not talk about without doing any work!) The developers could waste all their time reacting to such suggestions but instead they are ignoring the noise (as they should!) and are working on the code and producing releases. I know which path I support …


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Unfortunatelly, I need to either fix my old laptop and pc or buy new ones before I can attempt to start any work with the code