IC's Halp me frens

Hi, Its my first time using FRITZING and i can’t find the normal or generic IC’s, for example: SN74LS08,00,86,32… etc, the basic ic, and SN74LS47N, SN74LS83 please halp frens, humm any package, library, file or tuto for download please?

Thanks :frowning:

As well a google search of the nature “fritzing part 7408” may turn up parts that others have made that you can use. You may need to search for variations (74ls08, 74s08, etc) or for 4000 type cmos parts with the same pin out. They will appear as an .fzpz file which you open in Fritzing. That will put the new part in the mine parts bin and let you use it the same as a core part. There doesn’t seem to have ever been interest in making all the 74 type logic parts as fritzing parts with logic diagrams internal although there are some in the 4000 series in core parts.


Parts deleted and uploaded below

Not bad, and a welcome addition to the parts stable. That said, a couple of minor issues.:

All three need breadboard svg copied to icon to make the icon 14 dip instead of the current 8 dip.



layerid is incorrect, should be schematic not schematic_1_

pcb (and on the 74ls32)

group silkscreen wants to move above copper1/copper0 to make selection easier. With them this way Fritzing will select the silkscreen instead of copper as desired.


fzp file the bus def should be below the subparts end i.e line 301 should be below 302. This doesn’t appear to be bothering Fritzing, but the part check script objects.


I changed the ‘schematic_1_’ as suggested.
Not sure about the PCB view issue as I used the generic part for these and did not change it at all.
Buses? That’s odd - This part has no buses! Lol. I must’ve been getting too creative that day. :smiley:
I deleted the buses tag and it looks good now.
If the the PCB issue can be over looked I will happily submit these to the parts database.
If not I can have another look. Please advise.
Thanks for the help Peter.
74LS04.fzpz (7.3 KB)
74LS08.fzpz (7.9 KB)
74LS32.fzpz (8.7 KB)

Its not pcb but rather icon. If you look at the parts in the parts bin it shows an 8 pin dip package because parts factory doesn’t update the icon value. The fix is easy, just copy the breadboard svg (which parts factory does update to the 14 pin package) to the icon svg, or in parts editor click File->reuse breadboard view in the icon view (copying the file externally is probably the easier route though).


In that case the parts are all done! :smiley:
I made those icon changes but forgot to mention that in my previous post :o