Icon Change Not Working?

Hi, I’ve been trying to change the icon for the Adafruit.fzb file to have the Adafruit insignia instead of the default hexagon, and I’ve changed the icon xml tag. Where would the .png file go into what folder?

While I’m not real clear on what library you have (the github adafruit library repository I have from some time ago is fzbz files not an fbz file) in the github version there is a directory Bin icons which has the png files presumably for the icons. I expect you need to find a similar file (possibly be unzipping the .fbz file) and replace the icon there.


I just did this myself…

  1. Import the bin from the one you extracted, say Adafruit Feather.fzbz
  2. Right click and save bin and notice the location it saves it to.
  3. Go into that saved location, right click and edit C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Fritzing\bins\Adafruit Feather.fzb with textpad.
  4. The second line where it says something like custom1.png, change that to:
    module fritzingVersion=“Whatever version you have” icon=“Adafruit Feather.png
  5. Copy the \FritzFile\Adafruit-Fritzing-Library\Bin\Adafruit Feather.png icon to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Fritzing\bins.
  6. Restart Fritzing.
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How can I Implement the logo with fzb file, so when I send it to someone that will import it to fritzing the logo shows up in side bar?

You need to create the logo as a png file (if you have not already) and then follow the steps in the post just above this to edit the file. Or you can unzip the fzbz file and edit the fzb file with a text editor directly then rezip it (which is likely easier.)


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I got this error when I’m trying to import bin:

Parse error (1) at line 1, column 1:

error occurred while parsing element

/Users/abdelhalim/Desktop/Fritzing/Inventors School Parts.fzb

Then your xml change is incorrect. If you post the fzb file (7th icon from the left on the reply tool bar) I will have a look at it.


Inventors School Parts.fzb (576.8 KB)

One too many levels of directories in your fzbz file.
The file decompresses like this:


which is the error, this should contain the fzb file which is one directory down here:

This fzbz file loads correctly:

Inventors School Parts.fzbz (567.2 KB)


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Thanks Man, You are the best