Icl7662cba+ module


Can anyone help me in getting ICL7662CBA+ module/library for fritzing software?


It appears you would need to provide a web site with exactly what you want since a google search for “ICL7662CBA+ module” doesn’t turn up anything useful.


Thanks Peter:

Here is the part/module I am looking for in fritzing?



Easiest is going to be make your own from a generic IC like this:

first drag a generic IC in to the sketch


select edit pin labels (which requires the chip be in a sketch)

then add the labels for the pins and save it.

If you need an smd part change the package type in Inspector (the lower right window.)


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Thank you Peter for your cooperation!

Ehm?! There is a premade ICL7662 in the voltage regulators bin, with a properly designed schematic symbol for it. There is a part both for the DIP package and one for the SOIC package.

The ICL 7662 is an industry standard voltage doubler that is made by a large number of manufacturers. Some manufacturers also make improved versions of it, such as the Microchip MCP1252, you can also use the part for those.