IBT2 H-Bridge Part


i am searching for the fzpz for an IBT2 H-Brigdge like that

I didn’t find in the Web

Thank you

Looks like no one found one the last time they looked either. I can make one easily enough, but there is no mechanical information available that I can find, and several different board types (some with only 4 pins, some with a single row of 6). Since you asked an look to have a board, you win. If you can measure the board (preferably with vernier calipers) and supply board dimensions width and lenght and the position and diameter of the mounting holes (because of Inkscape’s coord system, offset fron the left si edge of the pcb to the start of the circle and from the bottom of the board to the start of the circle plus the diameter is best) and the position of in x and y of the header connector, I’ll make a part.


Turns out you were lucky, I had some time today while waiting for disk copies to complete and found a site with a mechanical drawing of sorts. There should be a part in a while …


This may not be entirely accurate as I found an image with dimensions on ebay at:

Copied the image in to Inkscape and used the trace bitmap function to create a svg, then scaled it down til the board edges matched the printed dimensions. From there I used the positions of the mounting holes and connectors to get the dimensions. If they aren’t accurate for your board, if you provide the offset (as noted preferably from the bottom and left side of the board for x and y) I’ll change them. PCB view in this part doesn’t have the screw terminals just the .1 header. For interest, here is that image converted and scaled for measurement:


(right click on it and save as svg to get a copy)
and the part.

BTS7960.fzpz (20.4 KB)