IBT-2 Motor Driver 43A H-Bridge Drive

Can I get a picture of IBT-2 Motor Driver 43A H-Bridge Drive

Assuming that you are looking for a fritzing part (rather than a picture) for the motor driver, the answer is that there seems to be one (the third or forth article here has a picture of it) but I can’t see the part anywhere. You might try contacting this person and asking if the fritzing part for the driver is available. A google search on “fritzing part IBT-2 Motor Driver” turned this article up.


fritzing part IBT-2 that’s what I’m looking for.
Any help out there?
Thank you

Your best bet would probably be to try and contact the person that did the blog post. He obviously has a fritzing part for the driver and may be willing to share it. Otherwise you would need to create a part for it (which isn’t all that easy unless you are already experienced at making parts).


There seems to be another one.

Again a picture of the fritzing part but no part source to be found. However someone else to ask if the part is available …

edit: If you manage to find a part, please post it or a reference to it for others …


I tend to skip over the question because I’m lazy, but now looking at it he might want a good top pic to make the BB view.

You can do a Goo Image search, but remember adding 1 word can get different results, like “IBT-2” isn’t as good as “IBT-2 bridge”. You could also search the chip and add bridge type stuff.