I2C SMBUS INA3221 Triple Channel


Does anyone have this relay for the fritzing? Or know where I can find it?


Kamenda I2C SMBUS INA3221 Triple Channel

Triple Channel

Will this do the job?

INA3221_Module.fzpz (34.9 KB)

Thanks, but I need the black one. As I could read, there are technical differences between both components, and it would be clear that is the black one.

Could somebody help me?

Many thanks!

And the CH3 and CH1 are in the opposite position

This is likely as close as you will come to your part. While the pins are in a different order, internal technical details are meaningless to Fritzing and thus don’t matter. I doubt anyone will make a special part for your black part.


Peter, out of interest, noting that the only difference between the two is the colour and labelling of the breadboard view, how would one go about creating this ‘variant’? Just create an appropriate breadboard file, identify it as a ‘variant’ and link the .fzp file with the same pcb and schematic files?

Is there then (automatically) just one part listed in the library, with the variants being selectable from the ‘Inspector’ (Properties?)?

It seems that when I’ve done something similar in the past, both variants turn up in the library, unlike the resistor part, for example, that only shows up once but with selectable values and associated colours. In my case, having chosen one of the options from the library, you can switch between any variants from the Inspector, but there still seem to be several entries, rather than just the one, in the library.

You can do that although you need a new fzp file with a unique moduleId, but I think it is better to separate all the svg files (giving them new file names even if they are identical) to avoid making a change in one part that then affects another part that you may not have expected to change. I don’t think there is any standard answer, there are some parts in core that share svg files (we are working on making such a change to 6 or 6 pot parts in core all sharing a common schematic svg.) In that case it is unlikely there will be a change that conflicts but I would rather see the files all be unique. Selection of multiple variants in Inspector is done via a common family name and one (or more) properties that are different that will then appear in the inspector window and change parts when selected. In theory I think the parts are supposed to all have identical pins so they will swap correctly if connected in a sketch, but there is a case to be made that it is better to be able to select from a list of parts in a family before wiring (where the parts may have a different number of pins.) There isn’t currently any standard and at least in my view we probably should have one (along with more standards for parts), but right now bug fixing is (and should be!) taking priority. That discussion is taking place (slowly!) in this forum post


I did finally buy one of these, and the new part is attached, if anyone is still interested.

INA3221 Module (Black).fzpz (40.7 KB)