I2C Interface in fritzing

Is there an I2C interface in fritzing?

What do you mean by I2C interface ?
Is it an IC, a connector or something else that you want ?

A quick search of I2C in projects off the main site turns up a number of projects using I2C. The I2C interface would normally be on the CPU such as the Arduino or PI rather than in fritzing. If you are looking for a I2C level translator, from 3.3V to 5V there are a number of them available on Ebay. For Wali: I2C is a connection protocol typically used to connect a CPU to a low speed sensor similar to SPI, except much slower.

Peter Van Epp

Hi Wali,
I mean something like shown here:
I2X interface
I use it with LCD’s to shorten the amount of wires used. Thanks.


@vanepp: I know what I2C is, but the question was not clear for me.

I don’t know if a device like the one you listed exists into Fritzing.
But, if you are ready to make your own I2C bus expander, you can have a look at PFC8574 datasheet (TI - PCF8574A). This component is the one that is onto the board of your link, and it is available into Fritzing.


Thanks alot Wali!. This is big help. Eventually, the LCD I2C module can be created using this component and added to the library. You’ve given me a great idea.