I want to share some knowledge

I’m looking for someone who can help me with this, since I still see myself as a beginner. I made some “standard” boards, but everything that was present in Fritzing.

I ordered 2 LED RGB matrix 64x32 dots (192x96mm). I want to make a scoreboard for 4 players/teams. I want to place both screens under each other and control via a bluetooth module with an Arduino nano or Uno. The score (ranging from 0 to 99) must be displayed on a 32x32 grid, each player / team in a different color

If there is sufficient space, I also want to show a team name.

I would like to make the screen in Fritzing as a new part. How can I design this? I cannot find another post on this forum that someone has ever made a LED matrix 64x32.

A google search for “fritzing part RGB matrix 64x32 dots” turns up (among others):

which is in the adafruit Fritzing part repo on github (it is not loaded by default in to fritzing). That is where I would start. You probably don’t want to make this as a part but rather as a sketch using existing parts such as the adafruit one.