I want to add new part from a .fzz file

I have .fzz files that came with all the parts in my kit and I would like to be able to add them to the mine section of parts. But it seems that when I add parts they are only available to the file that I am working on. When I open another file and look in the Mine section there are only 2 parts and they are parts that came with the program that I modified the pin locations. I tried editing the parts in the .fzz file and I saved them to my inventory or at least the app asks if I would like to save the parts but doesn’t save them so I can use them again in another sketch.

You could open the part in the parts editor, then save it. The Simplest way (I think), is to open the fzz file, go to the Temp bin, then for each part shown (that you want to save), right click and export part. That will create a ‘fzpz’ file with the name you provide. Once exported, close the fzz file, then open each of the fzpz files. That will put them in the “Mine” bin. Make sure to watch the prompts when exiting Fritzing this time. You need to select to save the parts in the bin.

I think you need to close the fzz file first, so that Fritzing does not see a part in the Temp bin with the same Id. If it sees a duplicate part Id, it will refuse to load the new part.

Thank you! I wasn’t closing the document that I was taking the part from first and I wasn’t exporting the part. I was editing the part and trying to create a new part, which worked for me once lol. Even though when I closed it I told it to keep the part and even tried saving the file it never worked, now I know why.