I want BDC-15 motor driver part

I want to use BDC-15 in Fritzing Here is the link to the purchasing destination below. Or I want a similar part. Please recommend a motor driver that controls an 8 pin motor

Not enough information here to do anything with. Assuming you are looking for stepper motor drivers entering the string “stepper motor driver” in the forum search bar will pull up a bunch. Otherwise information on what it is you want would be required.


모터뱅크 - DC모터,소형모터,기어모터,BLDC모터,스테핑모터 전문기업 (motorbank.kr) Here’s the BDC-15 seller and here’s the data sheet
모터뱅크 - DC모터,소형모터,기어모터,BLDC모터,스테핑모터 전문기업 (motorbank.kr)

This part should do what you want.

motorbank-bdc-15.fzpz (11.1 KB)