I need to build a circuit like this on the Breadboard of Fritzing... Can someone help?

I’m completely new to this software and i don’t know nothing of it. Can someone build it on the breadboard and explain me why it is like that ?

And i know this may be something very easy but if you could help me i would really appreciate ! Thanks guys !

I have this built… But i don’t know if it’s correct

Not quite correct. You are missing a wire from 9V (the red battery wire) to the ldr, the diodes are backwards (the white bar indicates the cathode which is the bar on the bottom in the schematic) and the resistors are connected wrong. Since you have a schematic you may be best to disconnect the wires (so as to not confuse fritzing) on the breadboard and move the parts in schematic view around and connect them til they match your schematic. Once that is done breadboard view will have colored lines indicating where wires should go to match the schematic.


Can you make it on the breadboard and send me a print ? :slight_smile: So i could have a better grasp
Thanks !

I could, but you won’t learn anything if I do it :slight_smile: . You are almost there now. You can change the wiring in breadboard to match the schematic you have or recreate the schematic in schematic view and use that to wire breadboard either will work.


Like this ?

Better but still not there. You need a connection from the cathode of the second diode (the end row) to ground (black wire from the battery) above it. The 100K resistor is currently shorted. All 5 pins on the top row short together shorting out the 100k resistor. Easiest solution would be to rotate the 100k resistor 90 degrees so it connects to the ldr lead with one end and the current row with the other. Then you should be away.


I got it right !! ehehehhe

Almost. You still need a wire between the last diode’s cathode and the battery black wire and then you will have it correct. At present the circuit isn’t complete.


Done .

Yep that looks to match the schematic.


You are the man Peter !! Thanks so much !!

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