I need this module in fritzing , please provide this if any one have

Name of the part
Name : A7670C LTE modem


here is the link for the clear image, please provide me this any one.

This part may do what you want. It was created from your jpeg (because there isn’t much other documentation available) and thus if you want pcb you would need to print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and check the pad positioning against a real board (I don’t have one!) The jpag means the pad positions in pcb may not be in exactly the correct place. As well as usual for Fritzing parts if you want the mounting holes drilled in pcb you need to drag a hole in to the sketch set the size correctly and position it correctly in your sketch.

A7670C-LTE-modem.fzpz (20.2 KB)


Thank You peter for this. it is so helpulful thank you