I need this adapter connector

I purchased parts from Amazon.com and want to use them.

It would be useful if the link was to an individual part rather than amazon in general (which has a lot of parts …)


As well a google search of the form “fritzing part part-number” where part-number is the part you want will generally find anything that is available already.


Sorry. There were two links and it was hard to judge.

The aforementioned google search for “fritzing part barrel jack to screw terminals” turns up several hits, the first one of which has one such part:

I didn’t look any closer than that.


I was able to use the female parts that were sent to me. But we also need the male parts. Please create them if possible.

While it doesn’t have screw terminals there is a male plug (which in fact mates and connects with the female plug) in this post:

It would be easy enough to add screw terminals to the male plug (and the associated female plug if needed.)


Thank you very much.
I also want another part, purchased from Amazon, see link. I want the one in the third picture.

While I’m not sure what the third picture is exactly the YL-98 and its interface board are available in this post (found as always via a google search for “fritzing part YL-69 Sensor”


to obtain the parts you need to download the sketch (the .fzz file) and then load it in to Fritzing. In the temp parts bin you can right click on the two parts and select export part to write the part as a .fzpz file in the file system.


Thank you.
I am again asking for parts." I need a part with the model number “mcp3208-ci/p”.

google is your friend. There is a part here:

although pcb is screwed up. You could also make this via the generic IC.


I was able to complete the breadboard I wanted to make. I am a student living in Japan and I am very grateful to you.