I need help, please help me properly route my project

Greetings to all, I am a high school student with a project to create a Water Filter and Monitoring Device for my finals. However, I have problems regarding the wirings and circuits of which i made using fritzing. If anyone in this forum has time in their hands, i would very appreciate it if you could just take a look at my sketch, give some critiques or basically just point out anything that is wrong with it as it says connections are still needed to be routed.
This project btw has 3 sensors:
-pH sensor
-temperature sensor (DS18B20
-DFRobot Turbidity sensor

Is someone really did open it, and saw the schematic diagram please dont mind that haha. I promise I’ll arrange it as soon as i arrange properly the connections on the breadboard.

Also, these are the questions I’d like to be answered:
-Is it okay?
-Do you think it works?
-Basically, what is wrong with it and what should i do

Again I reallllllly appreciate anyone who can take a look at it. Thank You very much!!!1

water monitoring device.fzz (173.0 KB)

@vanepp Hello! vanepp please help me out here T_T this was tasked for us to do however our school really dont have any experts on this software and i dont have anyone to ask so if you have time to spare, please help me out. thank youuu

You have a short from power to ground which you need to find and correct. I would probably delete all the traces in schematic as a start and then route it after completing breadboard.

Here I clicked on the unrouted nets message circled in blue and it lights the unrouted connection (circled in red) yellow.