I need a PC joystck with 2 buttons only

Ok I’m new at all this so I’ll tell you want I want to accomplish.

I need 2 joystick button to be read as a generic USB controller for the PC.

More specifically I’m adding two reed switches to an Eaton Fuller 18 Speed Transmission Shift Knob made for real Semi trucks and mounting it to my Thrustmaster TH8A shifter to simulate the range and splitter button in the real shifter on the game “American Truck Simulator”

I was able to successfully solder the switches to a torn apart Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and make it work.

I want a small usb controller generic or if I can name it “Eaton Fuller Controller” when plugged in that would be cool but if that too hard I dont care if it says Generic USB And that will fit into the shifter knob…

So far I’m thinking the Adafruit Trinket, but even that has more than I need. I just need 2 digital inputs.

I started playing with fritzing and would be cool if I could design my own board but I don’t know what processor and other things a controller needs to function. Also The code would be really simple i assume but I cant even manage that.

Heres a link to my Kickstarter video so maybe if I’m not being clear on what I’m needing it might help.



Welcome Cory,

It’s not entirely clear to me what the full scale of the task is.

Do you already have some experience with Arduino?

I would suggest to start with an Arduino Nano. And from there scale things down to a Trinket or your own Attiny design. But is a MCU is not actually necessary then just don’t use it if a few transistors or some TTL logic can do the same trick.

I don’t know anything, I bought a adafruit trinket thought I could watch tutorial videos on how to make two buttons work for pc games and I failed.

I need a gamepad/joystick board that I can solder 2 toggle switches to thats 1 inch by 3 inches or smaller that I can plug into my computer and Windows recognizes it as a generic controller.

I see. :slight_smile:

just start with the 2 switches in the breadboard view and draw a few wires there. From there slowly figure out the next step.

Upload the project to http://fritzing.org/projects/ to have an easy reference when you discus it with others who are into the same mindset, future users, people who tinker along.
I don’t really see what it is that it should do so i can only give a few hints how to get started with fritzing.
So I can only hope that my suggestions get you where you want to be.

When you really want to use a trinket or arduino, then The Arduino Forum or Adafruit is a god place to start gathering knowledge and a good place to learn about the programming, Also have a look at www.codebender.cc they have a huge amount of arduino programs to play with / learn from.

So expect some learning curve …


A few ideas to kick around…

In regards to registering a USB device name, when plugged into a host controller ie “Eaton Fuller Controller”. That is really a whole other nightmare. Depending on the project and USB interface device used. For instance, You can use an atmega8u2 AVR chip on your project board. Compile the hardware stack to your liking. This is what most folks likely go threw to have their ‘said name’ register when plugged into a windows device ie; “Eaton Fuller Controller”. From there you’d likely need to garnish USB compliance. My brief description doesn’t really do justice for the whole operation… But its hoop’s, and costs some $$$$. But, if you care to jump threw them hoops for a worthwhile final product. Then go for it!

Alternatives are hacking. Also an enjoyable route to take… Mod an Arduino UNO maybe?
Or build something from some arcade gear, mod a joystick, wire in your buttons, done.
I had to do some interfacing similar to this before, These guys have some cool stuff. Just my 2 pennies. Hope it helps :grinning:

I wish you the best of luck on your project!