I need a new part: Q13FC1350000400 crystal resonator


I need this part, if, I understand well, foot print is FC-135

this document gives dimensions of the part and foorprint on page 1:

thanks a lot, this if for a ds1307


someone please, this is the last thing I need to complete my current PCB

thank you

What view do you want. If you only want the BB view just get a 1206 cap and change the colour.

How to do it vids

thank you, I need PCB view, I have never done it

As usual print out the PCB gerber and make sure the part fits on the footprint
resonator FC-135.fzpz (5.5 KB)

thank you, much appreciated.

I am not sure what you mean
I tried making a PCB with only this part and export as Gerber, but I end with only raw data, I don’t know what to do with…
other than this, I used the rubber on the PCB view, and it is OK