I need 6.5 plug conector please

this part please
i need 6.5 plug conector please

Insufficient information to make a part. There is no schematic that shows what the pins connect to. It is usually best to post a url to the site that has the part you want.


here is the link to the part

Yes I found that. However neither that page nor the manufacturer’s site have a schematic that indicate what the various pins do. Without that I can’t create schematic view because I don’t know what the pins connect to.


There is a similar (but smaller) 6.5mm jack in core parts whose schematic looks like this:


but I don’t know it that matches your part. If you have a part and can verify it matches this schematic it is easy enough to make a new part.


The initial dimensions diagram uploaded in the initial request has S, R, and T labels. Now just need to figure out what the difference between R and RS is. It has to be left versus right channels for stereo, but nothing is coming to mind to indicate which is which. It looks like the schematic above should work just fine for this. Getting rid of the brand in label, and making it generic.

This should do what you want. As always before ordering boards print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part.

6_35mm-stereo-jack.fzpz (6.9 KB)


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