I can't update to 1.0.1 (windows)


I bought the 1.0.0 this summer. Now i see there is a new version.
When i start fritzing and look for updates. i got the message that there is no update.

Do i something wrong? Do i need to pay again?

thanks for the help

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The link that is in the email with your receipt should take you to the page where you can upload version 1.0.1. Downloading and saving the installer for 1.0.1 (as opposed to just installing from the link) is also a good bet as you can then reload 1.0.1 when ever you want.


I don’t have the e-mail anymore😮‍💨. Is there a way to help me out?

I don’t have the e-mail anymore. Is there another wat to help me out?

I don’t have one. You might try contacting @KjellM and see what he can suggest (or donate again and save the link which will certainly work at a small cost!)