I cant power this arduino uno can somebody help me out

A (physical) ardunio UNO can be powered a few different ways. Through the barrel jack with from about 6 to 12 volts, through the usb connector with 5 volts, or directly to the VCC or 5V pins on the header. For Fritzing bread board view, only the last two will work. If you want to connect the project using the barrel jack, use the VCC pin. If you want to power it through USB, use the 5V pin.

thank you but i have no idea how to connect the barrel jack

my vcc of lcd and 5v of arduino uno is already connected to each other so what can I do to fix my problem?

The Fritzing part does not include connectors for either the USB or barrel jack connectors. To get the same effect in the Fritzing project, connect wires to either the 5V pin, or to the VIN pin (what I said was VCC). For 5V, you can connect power to anywhere that the existing net (wires connected to 5V, and anywhere those wire connect to). Usually, with a breadboard, that is to the power rail on the breadboard. The VIN pin is less likely to already be connected to something else. That second image looks like you have added an extra barrel jack. That is not what I meant. The UNO already has a barrel jack. It is just that the Fritzing part does not have GND and VIN connectors directly associated with it. You need to use the VIN and GND pins from the UNO header instead.

You have still not said if you are intending to power your project from USB or not.

If you will be using USB, or any other 5V source of power, ALSO connect the power source to the UNO 5V pin, or to the VCC on the LCD. Since those are connected together already, electrically (for Fritzing) they are equivalent.

If you will be powering from something other that 5V, connect the power source to the VIN pin on the UNO. An UNO has a voltage regulator that will, in that case, provide 5 volts out from the UNO 5V pin.

okay i’ll try but we are using usb for the actual

sorry a bit of a rush my project is due 4 hrs later

like this one

tried this also but the blue led is the only one lighted

If you are using the simulator, Arduinos are not supported.
Check the features of the simulator in the link below:

but i watched some video and it shown that its working from simulation

What video?
I made the code of the simulator and I can guarantee you that Arduino is not supported. Only the parts in the simulation bin (SIM) can be simulated.

Possibly from Tinkerbox? I understand it will do Arduino code simulations, I guess wait til he supplies the video and go from there.