Hub motor/wheel library

Hi! I’m looking for a library for HUB MOTOR/WHEEL for my thesis. Only the wires and the wheel itself. I badly need it for my circuit diagram. I will appreciate any kind of help. I will attach sample photo. Thanks again!

You would need to provide a web site with the specs of the part that you want. There is no size or connector information in the above photo and both are needed to make a part.


Hi buddy, I don’t know if this will suffice? But here are the only information I have so far.

Thanks for entertaining by the way.

I want to add this website as an addition mate. Thank you very much!

Not enough information in either of these pictures. I would need the size of the wheel (it says the tire is 14x2.5, but not the size of the wheel itself although I could guess from the tire size) and the connections for the hall effect sensor and the motor which aren’t present at all. It looks like they are brushless which is usually 3 wires, but we need to know what the cabling looks like to make a part. I don’t think the motor in the second image is the same as the first one as it seems to be physically different in the image. If the one you want doesn’t have the same hall effect sensor cable then the part won’t work. You need to find the connection diagram for the wheel you intend to use I expect, with both the motor and hall effect cabling specified.


The size of the wheel is 8 inches in diameter, but I would want a scaled size so it would be fit on my circuit diagram. I think the actual size doesn’t matter for the mean time. I just need to connect the wire from the motor drive to the hub wheel.

I found this video tutorial on YouTube which I am basing the connections from the motor driver to the hub wheel. I would like to attach also here my on going project. Thank you very much Sir Peter for entertaining me.

This part should do what you want.

hub-motor-wheel.fzpz (4.4 KB)


OMG! You are indeed very awesome sir. I really need this. Thanks a lot!